Royell Communications, Inc.


VoIP Phone Service

Pricing for Royell VoIP phone service as of March 2014.  



WITH Royell Internet service = $19.95 *per line

WITH OUT Royell Internet service = $29.95 *per line


WITH Royell Internet service = $29.95 *per line

WITH OUT Royell Internet service = $39.95 *per line  


  • - Unlimited local calls
  • - Unlimited long distance
  • - Free Caller ID
  • - Free Call Waiting
  • - Free Voice Mail
  • - Royell Local Customer Support
  • - No Hidden Fees

Royell VoIP Terms Of Service

Optional insurance for phone adapter $2/mo.

*1x $10 port fee

*1x $49 install fee

*Plus tax






Unified Messaging – listen to your voicemail messages from your PC or Smartphone, anytime you want.

Online User Portal – puts you in control of the countless features including Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Anonymous Call Block and much more, all from any computer.

SimuRing  – choose up to 5 other phone numbers anywhere in the US to ring. You never miss a another call and your callers won’t even know they’ve been forwarded! 3-Way Calling – add a third party to your call so you don’t have to hang up.

One Number Service – Options include Forward Busy, Forward No Answer, Forward Always, Find-Me/Follow-Me Service.

Caller ID Block – Don’t want the person you are calling to know your number? Block it! Protects your privacy, giving you the freedom to call anyone you want.

Call History – Gives you the ability to look up your inbound and outbound calling history.

Call Return – Didn’t make it to the phone on time? Don’t worry! Call return tells you who called and the date and time they called.

Do Not Disturb – Need some quiet time? Not a problem! Turn on your Do Not Disturb and relax. All calls will be forwarded to Voicemail.

Nomadic Mobility – You can keep your phone number when you move. You get the simplicity and ease of one number for life.


Internet Service is required to receive Royell Phone Service. Extra charge applicable with third party internet service provider. Ability to keep existing phone number limited to select areas. Optional insurance for phone adapter add $2/mo. Business Class Features also available. Contact Royell Communications for more information 1-877-400-9319.



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