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'Call This Number' Popup Window Scams

Jan 16, 2017

'Call this number' scams/pop ups

There has been a rash of these type of scams, a window pops up when you're browsing the Internet stating something like: "your computer is infected", "your information is at risk", among other things and they usually have a phone number to call stating that they're from a reputable company, such as Microsoft, or HP.


Simply never, ever call these numbers.


If you do, they will try to access your computer and if they do, your personal information has been compromised.
There is no telling if they install a program to spy on your activity or not (to get banking information, passwords, etc.), so the solution is to have your data saved and the operating system reloaded.


In some cases people have spent hundreds of dollars by calling those numbers, believing that they are 'fixing' their computer, which in fact they are not. 


In the end it's a costly situation that can be avoided by not calling these numbers at all and if you do, do not allow them to access your computer and definitely do not give them your card/banking information.


Call us or call your computer repair technician if you see a pop up/window telling you to call them and cannot close it.

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