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Export Contacts from Monster/MWII.net and Import to Royell Webmail

Posted on: May 28, 2015

Export/Download CONTACTS from MWII.net/Monster email

Login to your webmail account: http://webmail.mwii.net

Then click on “Address Book” in the left menu, under “Organizing” or “Options”.



Then click “Import/Export” at the top of the page.



Under “Export Address Book”,

Select “Comma separated values” and select your “Address Book” (selected by default),

Then click the “Export” button.


Save this file in a folder on your computer where you can find it.


Import CONTACTS to Royell Webmail

Login to your webmail account http://webmail.royell.org/webmail

On the far top right click the down arrow by the profile picture and click “Options”.

New Interface:



Old Interface:



Click the “Import/Export” tab. Import is opened by default, click “Upload” and select your file, destination folder is “Contacts”, then click “Load”.



On the next screen, use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom and scroll right till you find “email”, then from the menu above that, select “Email 1” and click “Import”.



Once complete you will be notified: