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How do I import my contacts to Webmail?

Posted on: Mar 14, 2014

Import your contacts to Webmail

  1. First you need to open Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live mail, or Apple email
  2. Go to your contacts, or address book
  3. Select the 'export' option (varies on software)
  4. Export as .csv file OR vCard (vCard saves a single contact, csv will save all)
  5. Then open webmail.royell.org 
  6. log in to your account
  7. click 'tools' -> 'import/export'
  8. in the first tab 'Import', click the upload button
  9. choose your .csv file OR vCard
  10. select the colums you want to import (usually at least name/title, email address)
  11. leave your destination folder as 'contacts' (default)
  12. then click 'Import'

Your contacts are now available in Webmail.