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Important Email Maintenance Notice

4/24/15 at approximately 10 pm, Royell will begin a major upgrade and expansion of our main e-mail server.


Q.    What does this mean?

A.    This means that your email may not be accessible for approximately 30 min to 1 hour when the upgrade begins.


Q.    Will I be able to get all of my email once the system upgrade is complete?

A.    Yes, new email will begin to flow into your mailbox and will be immediately accessible. Historical data (old folders and messages) may take many hours/days to copy over to the new mail servers. We thank you for your patience in this process. If you have an urgent need for access to historical messages, contact our office and we may be able to expedite the copy for you.



Please feel free to contact Royell at 217-965-3699 with any questions.

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